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Below are titles from our list of “must-read” books that deal with issues of women’s leadership, work/life balance, and gender equity at work and at home.

We’ve included discussion questions designed by the author(s) of each book exclusively for WLE. Get together with your colleagues and host a book club.
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What Works for Women at Work

What-Works-book-coverWhat Works for Women at Work: Four Patterns Working Women Need to Know
Joan C. Williams and Rachel Dempsey

Order here. | Download discussion questions here.

Study after study reports that implicit bias is still pervasive. But few books ask: how can women effectively navigate careers in workplaces shaped by subtle bias?

In What Works for Women at Work, mother-daughter team Joan C. Williams and Rachel Dempsey look through a multi-generational lens at the varied experiences of women in the workplace. The authors identify four patterns of gender bias that they repeatedly encounter in their research, providing insights into gendered office politics and reporting on strategies highly successful women have used to counter each of the patterns. Continue reading...

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