Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any restrictions on who can participate in the webinars (i.e. can entry-level employees participate, or only senior-level employees)?

There are no restrictions on who can participate in the Women’s Leadership Edge program. The webinars, member web portal, resources, etc. can be used by anyone in your organization, and the content is designed to be useful to individuals at all levels, not just partners/top management.

How many people from my organization can participate in the webinars and use the member website?

There are no limits on the number of people that can use the program. We encourage as many employees as possible to utilize our programming, including the webinars and online resources.

For corporate members, is the WLE programming designed primarily for individuals in legal roles/legal departments?

No. The program is designed for women (and men) in a wide range of corporate departments, not just legal. We encourage members to involve individuals from a variety of departments so that the program can benefit a larger population within your company. We hope Women’s Leadership Edge will provide opportunities for individuals from different departments and roles to engage with each other and discuss issues of mutual interest.

What’s the difference between Women’s Leadership Edge and the Hastings Leadership Academy for Women?

The Hastings Leadership Academy for Women is a four-day intensive executive education program for female law firm partners and in-house attorneys who are rising stars in their organizations. It’s an exclusive program that’s limited to a small group of participants, who must be in leadership roles in law firms or corporate legal departments.

Women’s Leadership Edge is a membership program that’s like a year-long subscription to training, resources, and events. It’s targeted at both legal and non-legal professionals at all different levels (not just managers/partners).

Can my organization participate in both Women’s Leadership Edge and the Hastings Leadership Academy for Women?

Yes, and we strongly encourage it. Organizations that join Women’s Leadership Edge receive a significant discount on the Leadership Academy (Sponsoring Members are guaranteed a seat at the Leadership Academy and pay discounted rates – $6,500 for the first participant and 50% reduced rate for the second and third participants).

My company can’t join Women’s Leadership Edge this year, but we may be interested in joining next year. Are there any opportunities to get involved or explore WorkLife Law’s programming to see if it’s a good fit?

If you’re looking for other ways to participate in WorkLife Law’s programs, check out the Hastings Leadership Academy for Women and the Cutting Edge Workshop. The Hastings Leadership Academy for Women is an executive education program for female law firm partners and in-house attorneys. The Cutting Edge Workshop is a workshop for top-level professionals where leading scholars will discuss the latest research relating to women’s advancement. Although the Cutting Edge Workshop is part of the WLE program, non-members can also purchase tickets.

Besides the webinars, what other resources are available to Women’s Leadership Edge members?

Women’s Leadership Edge members have access to a rich array of programming, resources, and events. To ensure widespread access within member organizations, much of the program content is available online through a password-protected Member Portal. Members can participate in webinars, learn about patterns of gender bias, participate in the Women’s Leadership Edge Book Club, access reports and exclusive member resources, connect with dynamic thought leaders, and engage with other members and the experts at WorkLife Law through our Community Forum discussions. Additionally, members have access to the latest WorkLife Law research and new articles and reports before they are made available to the public.

Can men participate in the Women’s Leadership Edge program?

Yes! We encourage men to fully participate in the program. The content is designed for a broad audience, including men who are sponsors, mentors, professional development directors, and organizational leaders who want to learn how to better support, retain and advance women. The program is also useful for men who want to learn more about gender dynamics in the workplace.

How is Women’s Leadership Edge different than other similar women’s leadership programs?

Women’s Leadership Edge offers programming that’s a cut above the rest.

We offer a unique approach by providing programming that is both “research-backed and real-life tested.” Our content is grounded in years of extensive research and expertise on women and work, and is also informed by practical, real-life strategies of our “experts” – 127 successful women who have attained the highest levels of success in their careers. The end result is high quality programming that distills over 35 years of social science research into practical, user-friendly tools.

WorkLife Law is known for groundbreaking research and innovative training programs for women leaders. For nearly ten years, WorkLife Law has led one of the preeminent executive training programs for a select group of women in the legal profession. We have years of experience and a reputation for excellence, not to mention our pivotal role in defining and developing practical solutions for issues like the flexibility stigma, pregnancy accommodation, and new models of legal practice.

Additionally, Women’s Leadership Edge offers a unique benefit of hosting an event keynoted by Professor Joan Williams or having a custom webinar designed for your organization and led by Professor Williams. Given Professor Williams’ reputation as the leading scholar in this field, this is a considerable benefit.

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