How the Future Works: Leading Flexible Teams to Their Best

The era of toiling nine-to-five, five-days-a-week in the office is being replaced by a better way — flexible work. But flexibility means a lot more than a day or two a week to “work from home” — 93% of employees want more flexibility in when, not just where, they work. They want more choice, and they are leaving their roles to find it.

In this webinar, bestselling author Sheela Subramanian will discuss how the most successful leaders are going much further than offering occasional remote workdays and instead redesigning every aspect of how they lead. This includes fostering trust and transparency, redefining how organizational success is measured, and training managers to make it happen. We'll also dive into the seven steps that leaders can take to foster a successful flexible work environment.

Presenter: Sheela Subramanian, How the Future Works

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