Examining Anti-Asian Bias: Model minority, perpetual foreigner, and cultural conflicts

Anti-Asian bias takes on many forms.  While an increase in hate crime incidents directed towards Asian Americans has generated attention towards explicit forms of Anti-Asian bias, there are also implicit, more subtle forms of bias directed against Asian Americans.

Some forms Anti-Asian bias may not be recognized as harmful or counter-productive because they are often positive or “complimentary” in content.  This session explores how different patterns of bias relate to Asian Americans, the implicit and explicit factors contributing to Anti-Asian bias, and the impact that these biases can have on social interactions, perceptions, and judgments.

Suggested Audience: This webinar is designed for individuals who are interested in learning more about Anti-Asian bias, and the different ways that implicit biases, more generally, can impact social experiences.  The webinar can benefit Asian American participants who might want to reflect on their own experiences, and participants without Asian backgrounds who want become effective allies supporting their Asian American colleagues and community.

Presenter: Margaret Shih - UCLA

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