Taming Adrenaline: Surefire Strategies for Overcoming Speaking Anxiety

Speaking anxiety holds many people back from applying for jobs or promotions, sharing expertise in meetings, meeting new people, and taking advantage of opportunities in love, life, and career. The good news is that this is a solvable problem.

With more than 1,500 stage presentations under her belt, author and keynote speaker Cara Hale Alter has first-hand experience managing nervousness. She addresses the topic with warmth and humor, and offers practical, real-world solutions for bringing speaking anxiety under control.

Discover How To:

-- Avoid the common “tells” of nervousness
-- Reduce adrenaline levels in minutes with four physical behaviors
-- Control your mindset so that fear doesn’t get the best of you
-- Break the cycle of nervousness-feeding-nervousness
-- “Train for the conditions” to assure future success

Presenter: Cara Hale Alter

Suggested Audience: Anyone who wants to feel more confident and look more credible, especially when the stakes are high. Great for individuals at all levels (men and women).


The “Tells” of Nervousness and Intimidation

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