The Silver Linings Playbook: Moving Forward with Purpose

This webinar is a frank conversation about the rapidly-changing landscape of work, specifically how we can take everything learned during this period and institutionalize the good as things settle into a new normal. We discuss flex policies and how to implement and manage flexible work arrangements successfully. We share what successful leaders are doing to communicate more openly to allow employees to bring their full, authentic selves to the workplace, and explore how to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts continue to advance, and don't backslide, during this crisis. We hope to inspire participants to use the current crisis as an inflection point to move the conversation around work forward. Participants will leave this discussion with practical tools in the pursuit of a healthy new normal, and a clear roadmap of where we can go from here.

Suggested Audience:
This webinar is intended for all groups and discusses coping and success strategies that can be applied at a personal level as well as used successfully to manage both up and down.

Joan C. Williams & Jamie Dolkas - Center for WorkLife Law

Discussion Questions

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