Roundtable: Everything You Need to Know About Taking & Returning From Parental Leave

In this webinar, we'll discuss best practices and common pitfalls in taking and returning from parental leave. In conjunction with Pregnant@Work and The Pregnant Scholar, three of our in-house experts will speak from their own experience as working mothers as much as from their research. We'll discuss the actual process of managing your leave and returning to work after having a baby, covering topics often overlooked by HR handbooks, including:

  • How should I talk about my leave with my boss and coworkers?
  • What should men who want to take full parental leave know?
  • How can I ensure my projects are covered while I’m out?
  • Should I communicate with the office during my leave?
  • What are strategies for a smooth return to work?
  • How can I meet my breastfeeding goals once I’m back in the office?
  • How will things be different as a working parent with a young child at home?

Suggested Audience: This webinar is designed for men and women anticipating future parental leave, as well as the managers that oversee them. HR professionals whom advise expectant mothers and fathers or aide in the parental leave process will also benefit greatly.

Jamie Dolkas, Director of Women’s Leadership, Center for WorkLife Law
Liz Morris, Deputy Director, Center for WorkLife Law
Jessica Lee, Staff Attorney, Center for WorkLife Law

Discussion Questions

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