From Good Daughter to Respected Peer: Changing Influence Across the Career Lifecycle

Strategies that produce effective influence for early-career women (and men) can be less effective at more senior levels. Further, organizations try to identify rising talent by observing how candidates use power and influence—but both the organization and the candidate may make errors that lead to missed opportunities and flawed advancement. This webinar will explore how influence styles need to evolve over the career lifecycle—and how the organization can improve its talent management by better diagnosing the influencing skills of those on the ladder.

Suggested Audience: This webinar benefits those who are in positions to affect organizational policies and practices around talent management, and those who have some voice in diversity-related policy. It also speaks to women in middle career positions who are considering how to position themselves effectively for a move to senior levels. Both women and men will benefit, though much of the content is geared toward the particular challenges women face in exercising power and influence.

Presenter: Professor Jennifer Overbeck, Melbourne Business School

Discussion questions & summary

CLE certificates available: California, Uniform

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