Bias Interrupters for Individuals

This webinar provides strategies any manager or advocate for women can use to disrupt workplace bias, so it's directly relevant to men and women alike. Women who manage others or who are interested in advocating for greater gender equity are especially encouraged to attend.

This webinar is for leaders, managers, and individual contributors who want to interrupt implicit bias and help create a level playing field for women and diverse professionals. Learn about an innovative new approach – Bias Interrupters – that starts from the extensive social science on implicit bias and provides simple, low-risk ways to interrupt the kinds of bias that commonly affect everyday workplace interactions. The webinar will also introduce a new model of organizational change, “Metrics-Driven Bias Interrupters.”

We'll offer strategies to help individuals:

  • Recognize implicit bias when it occurs;
  • Pinpoint where bias often plays out in everyday situations;
  • Identify low-key ways they can interrupt bias without spending too much political capital; and
  • Identify tweaks to existing organizational systems (e.g. hiring, performance evaluations, assignments) designed to interrupt bias.

Presenter: Professor Joan C. Williams

Suggested Audience: Managers, leaders, and individual contributors.

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